How to choose the right flowers for your chosen products?

In order to achieve a good result, right flowers are required for the art work. We have written a flower guide to help you. In the Flower Guide you will find valuable information about the color changes of flowers and flowers suitable for our products in detail!



The bouquet is disassembled and the plants used are separated from it. Preserved flowers are cut with a fresh absorbent surface and the flowers are hydrated.


For pressed products, the flowers are disassembled and placed in a plant press. For larger epoxy products, whole flowers are put to dry covered in silica sand.

After drying

When the flowers are dry (2 weeks to 2 months) and the order is next in line, the flowers are taken away from drying space. For larger pressed products, the flowers are re-constructed with glue and possibly color-corrected.


If you have indicated in the E-mail meeting that you want images of the flower layout you will get them at this point. This is the only intermission update on your order. If you gave us free hands to do the work, we will start the work without an intermission update.

Final preservation

Work begins on the basis of a model layout.

Finishing touches and taking photos

The product will be finalized and photos will be taken

Sending out

The finished work will be sent to you or we will arrange a pick-up with you. We'll let you know the shipping code.

Enjoy your keepsake!

Your preserved flowers have arrived and you can enjoy a keepsake preserved by love.