Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only preserve wedding flowers?

We also preserve flowers from other occasions and custom make flower products for interior decoration

Can the order be changed afterwards?

Customization can be added to the order afterwards. Individual products can also be added to the order if there is room in the drying space.

The order cannot be changed to a smaller product, but the product can be changed to a larger one depending on the capacity of the drying plant. You will find more information on our terms!

Why processing time is so long?

The processing time is influenced by the drying time of the flowers, the season and the number of orders. A careful outcome requires time and attention at every stage of the work.

Find out more about our process in the info tab.

Why to book us early?

By receiving reservations in time, we can ensure that we are able to preserve your flowers. Our drying space has limited capacity, by being on time we might be able make additional arrangements to fit your flowers if the space has been already fully booked!

How to pack flowers for sending them via Posti?

If you are sending the flowers to us, you will receive a photo-instruction for packing at the E-mail meeting closer to the event.