Resin Art

Ring holder

The ring holder is a spectacular object made of dry flowers and epoxy. This item serves as a great decoration or as a holder for wedding rings, for example! The object is small in size, so either small flowers or individual petals can be preserved.

Preparation time is 1-3 months

Resin Keepsake

We create keepsakes from dried flowers and epoxy. This is a spectacular way to keep the flowers that matter to you as a memory. Suitable for larger and smaller flowers and greenery. The height of the flowers may not exceed 4.5cm. Preparation time is 1.5-4 months.


The flower tray is made with pressed flowers and epoxy. The flowers can be arranged in several styles according to your preference! The tray is made of bamboo and is coated with heat, as well as scratch-resistant epoxy. Preparation time is 2-4 months.


The coasters are made by pressing dried flowers or crushed flowers, as well as epoxy. The flowers can be arranged in several different ways according to your preference! The coasters are coated with heat, as well as a scratch-resistant epoxy. Preparation time 2-4 months.


The bookmark's of the flowers of an occasion dear to you can be made from small flowers, petals, or larger crushed leaves! The flowers are pressed and preserved in epoxy. Preparation time 1-2 months.


The table and its size are designed based on your needs and your flowers. Based on these, an offer is calculated! Preparation time 2-4 months.

The model has a diameter of 40cm and it has black ombre background.

How do I deliver my flowers to be preserved?

You can bring the flowers to us to Helsinki or Forssa in person. We also accept flowers from all around Finland via Posti. Approximate times for receiving flowers in person (Differences might occur):

Forssa: Sun 14-16

Helsinki: Sun 18-19, Mon 12-18

Price List for Resin Products

The price includes materials, work and 24% VAT. Shipping fee will be added to the price.



Ring holder

Height is about 11cm


Two ring holders


Four coasters 

Diameter is about 10cm


Six coasters


Eight coasters



Size: 35,5cm x 26cm x 5cm 


Book holder

Size: 15x13x5cm


Two book holders


Square Keepsake

Size: 15cm x 15cm x 5cm


Hexagon Keepsake

Size: 25,8 x 22,8cm x 5,2cm


Heart Keepsake

Widest lenght 19,5cm x lenght 18cm x5cm


Arch Keepsake


Rectangle Keepsake

Size: 22,5cm x 15cm x 5cm



starting from 750€

Customizing options:

Foil (available in shades of gold, silver and rose gold) 1-9€
Ombre or colored background 1-15€