Already Dried Flowers

Did you already have your wedding or another precious occasion and found us too late? It's okay! We also offer our services for already dry flowers.

Pre-dried flowers can be delivered to us in Forssa and Helsinki at the agreed time, as well as by post. Shipment cost is not included.

Ring holders

For example, larger flower petals or small flowers can be used as material. The finger holder is made of epoxy.

The ring holder in the picture is made of pre-dried flowers.


Resin keepsakes can be made from previously dried flowers, as long as there is no mold in the flowers. The flowers should be cleaned of dust before delivering them to us.

A one-year-old wedding bouquet has been used in the work of the picture!

Shadow box

Shadow box can be made from already dried flowers. However, pre-dried wildflowers and delicate flowers might limit this style.

Price List for Already Dried Flowers

The price includes materials, work and 24% VAT. Shipping fee will be added to the price. For a shadow box additional service for fragile shipment will be added as well.

Ring holder

Height is about 11cm


Two ring holders


Square Keepsake

Size: 15x15x5cm


Heart keepsake

Size 19,5cm x 18cm x5cm


Hexagon keepsake

Size: 18,5cm x 20,5cm x 5cm


Rectangle keepsake

Size: 22,5cm x 15cm x 5cm


Shadow box M

Size: 35x28x5,2cm

Color: Black or rustic white


Shadow box S

Size: 28x28x5,2cm

Color: Black or rustic white



Price depends of the size of the table

From 690€