About Us

Kerensa, the founder of Preserved By Love

Our story began when my now husband proposed to me in early 2021 and we started organizing our love-filled wedding. The idea of preserving my wedding bouquet began to creep into my mind and I began to look for different ways to do so. I started to practice flower preservation techniques because I could not find a similar service in Finland. I wanted to share this opportunity with other people as well and ended up bringing this concept to Finland in 2022. And here we are, I am basically the florist of dead flowers!

It is important to me to give people the opportunity to preserve dear memories through flowers. Every time I get to preserve a customer's flowers is a great pleasure and honor to me. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your memory in helping to preserve it.

Picture: Heta Nurmi
Picture: Heta Nurmi


Our vision is to provide a variety of ways to preserve flowers as keepsakes with respect for your individual style.


Our mission is to provide a unique experience and service to preserve memories through flowers for everyone on a suitable budget.

Key Flag-service

Our flower preservation service has been awarded the Key Flag-service sign. It is a dear recognition for us.

Where does the name Preserved By Love come from?

When my dream of having my own business of preserving flowers in the middle of organizing my wedding started to grow and I decided to take the bull by the horns as we say in Finland, I knew that I wanted to include at least part of my own name in the name of my company.

During my life I have noticed how difficult my first name Kerensa has been to remember and sometimes to pronounce to other Finns because of its rarity and diversity. For this reason, minor changes had to be made! My name goes back to Cornwall, England, and it's Cornish langueage. My name means love. I started spinning out different names and based on the options to explore which of these options are already in use using the word love in English or Finnish. And so Preserved By Love was born!

Even though the word Love is directly snatched from my name, it doesn't just mean that the flowers are preserved by me. It means, above all, the feeling with which I am doing this job of preserving your flowers in memory.