Pressed Flower Frames

Pressed flower frame is a classic and traditional way of preserving flowers. The flowers are dried by pressing them thinly using a plant press.

Each flower frame is unique and will be designed together with you. If you wish, you can also give us a free hand to create a frame for you! The production time of the frame is about 2-4 months depending on the season, as well as the queue. In our work, we use frames of which are made of wood, wood alloy and glass.

Colour Correction As Additional Service

As an additional service, we offer color correction for pressed flower. Colors are corrected with different chemicals depending on the flowers and greenery. Color correction is a great way to defragment plants, as there are always color changes in the drying process, especially for flowers. The colors of the plants continue to change after drying and it is a natural part of the plant's life cycle. Color correction helps to keep the color much longer beautiful!

How do I deliver my flowers to be preserved?

You can bring the flowers to us to Helsinki or Forssa in person. We also accept flowers from all around Finland via Posti. Approximate times for receiving flowers in person (Differences might occur):

Forssa: Sun 14-16

Helsinki: Sun 18-19, Mon 12-18

Price List For Pressed Flower Frames

The price includes materials, work and 24% VAT. Shipping fee will be added to the price with additional service for fragile shipment. 

Size L

Size: 50cm x 40cm

Frame colors: Black, oak, white 

Background: Black, white, glass (glass +35€)


Koko M

Size: 40cm x 30cm

Frame colors: Black, oak, white

Background: Black, white, glass (glass +30€)


Koko S

Size: 30cm x 24cm

Frame colors: Black, oak, white

Background: Black, white, glass (glass +20€)



Price will be calculated depending on amount and size of flowers

From 49,90€

Color Correction

S-sized frame 40€

M-sized frame 60€

L-sized frame 80€

From 40€

Customize your frame:

Foil ( available in shades of silver, gold and rose gold ): 7€

Photograph: from 4€

If you want you can deliver us your wedding invitation to be framed with your flowers